Sweepstakes Diva

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

on August 4, 2016


Sweepstakes Diva is back again this year with our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.  Last years guide was a huge success for all of the companies that we featured.  Our readers loved the reviews and information featured on our guide.  Our giveaway was a huge success as well.

This year we have several ways for businesses to participate in the gift guide.  We have some great categories:


Christmas Lists include (men, women, teen boys, teen girls, boys, girls, and infant/toddler). 

I will also be doing some fun blog posts including holiday themed recipes so cooking items would be a great feature for this.

We have a couple of options when it comes to participating.

-You may submit an item for the guide that fits one of the above categories (you may submit more then one as well). When you submit an item you will receive a video review of the item, a written review that will be listed on the holiday gift guide.  The video will be posted on our YouTube video (we currently have over 600 subscribers and 430,000 views), you will receive at least one share on our Facebook page (currently over 6,000 followers), one share on our Twitter account (currently over 4,000 followers), and one share on our Pinterest page (currently over 500 followers).  If you sell your item on Amazon.com we will also share the video and written review on amazon.com (I am currently ranked at 4,089 on the top reviewer list).  In the written review we will share a link to your product and the currently pricing.  You may also give us a discount code to share with our readers and we will add it to our review.  It’s a great way to track traffic from your submission. You will be provided all of these links once the review is completed by email.

-We will be featuring a giveaway again this year that will run from December 1-24th.  You may provide a giveaway prize to be included.  For each giveaway item you include you may submit two social media links that will be included in the giveaway entries required for entry for the prizes.  This is a great way to drive followers to your social media accounts or website.  At the end of the giveaway an email will be sent to you with the winner’s information and you will be responsible for mailing them the prize.

If you are interested in participating we would love to work with you.  We do need you to fill out the following form for each item you would like to include in the gift guide so we can keep track of all items coming in for review.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at sweepstakesdivanews@gmail.com.


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