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Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Trap

on February 10, 2016

mousetrapI just got this great mouse trap from Grandpa Gus’s.  We have had a few issues with mice in our cabin out at the lake.  Since we are not there during the winter time it seems like we always have mice that wonder in to get in out of the cold.  I hate dealing with them when we come back so I have tried out a few different mouse trapping devices.  This one is really neat.  It is basically just a traditional mouse trap however it is enclosed in this plastic box.  So you set the strap and then it stays inside the box.  There are doors on each side they can go inside of.  Once the trap goes off though you can just pick up the box. You don’t see the mouse, you don’t have to touch it.  You can even just throw the box out. I’m way to environmentally concerned to throw these out.  I make my husband open it up and deal with the trap so we can reuse.  However if you don’t care then you could just throw the entire thing out and not ever have to touch or see it.  The other great thing is we have two dogs and 3 children in the home so I don’t have to worry that they are going to accidentally set off a trap.  It is safe inside the box, no danger to pets or children.  Great set of four traps.

Here is some additional information from the company:


  • NO SEE, NO TOUCH, NO MESS, NO GROSS – finally, a way to effectively trap the mice invading your home without all of the hassles. Grandpa Gus’s Clear Mouse Box is perfect for people who want to rid their home of mice without having to touch dead animals or even see them! Tamper-proof, hygenic and effective, it’s also the safest solution around children and pets since the traps are concealed from touch. These are premium traps and boxes that are unparalleled in how they look-discreet and concealed from view…
  • A MULTI SET OF 4 TRAPS, BOXES & KEYS THAT ARE SAFE WITH KIDS AND PETS – Grandpa Gus’s Clear Mouse Boxes are perfect around pets of child. Fingers and paws cannot be caught in the trap since it is inside the box. The entry holes for the box are made just for mice and butt up perfectly against the wall where they typically run. And, the GENIUS HIDDEN SECRET, is that these traps can only be set off when the mouse enters the box. Kids can’t disturb them and pets can’t play with them. The bait and trap are secure inside. Set comes with 4 snap traps, inside 4 boxes, with 4 keys. (Yes, these boxes are so secure that they come with a key!) Traps are fully reusable, durable plastic, yet are also easily disposable for those who do not want to touch dead mice…
  • DISCREET TRANSLUCENT COVERED BOX SHIELDS MICE FROM VIEW – if you’d rather have somebody else handle the mess that comes with trapping mice, the Clear Mouse Box is the BEST trap you’re looking for. The semi-see thru design lets you know if a mouse is caught in the box without you having to observe the carnage. You’ll know it’s in there but you won’t have to see it full on. What’s more, the two peep holes in the top allow you a closer view to see if the trap has been tripped so you never have to open the box if you’re unsure. This trap is PERFECT for those who know they need to get rid of an intruder in their home but do not want guests to see ugly traps strewn throughout your kitchen, living room or bedroom. The frosted color blends in to any background, and the box tucks this kit away neatly in tight spaces. It’s the classiest way to catch mice in your home without the embarrassment of admitting they are there. Comes with key so only you can open the box to set the trap…
  • THE GRANDPA GUS OLD-TIME HANDSHAKE GUARANTEE – Like all Grandpa Gus products, the Clear Mouse Box comes with Grandpa Gus’s old-time handshake guarantee: if you are unhappy, for any reason, whatsoever, simply return the traps to Amazon for a full and complete refund on the spot, GUARANTEED! Amazon Prime & Two-Day Shipping is available, and we also use Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee. Grandpa Gus believes in his Clear Mouse Box that much! This is the better mouse trap. Click ADD TO CART now to take back your house again…
  • EFFECTIVE SNAP TRAP – A CLEAN, EASY SET AND QUICK SOLUTION – the black, easy set spring snap trap included in your mouse boxes will quickly and easily put an end to invaders. It is a quick kill and contain trap with NO SUFFERING involved. When mice take the bait, the snap will close in an instant and your problem is dead on the spot. This means you don’t have to deal with live critters like with cubes, sticky glue boards, tip traps, wire cages, steel repeating traps or when feeding a tomcat. Do not overspend on harmful ultra sonic devices that put out radio waves for pets and children and don’t work. Make the smart choice instead – the Clear Mouse Box is much safer defense than having harmful poisons or bait blocks and stations in your house, garage, hotel, motel or any other commercial location. Grandpa Gus has even had people use this box in their car because the trap remains stable and secure while baited in a vehicle! Be the victor over rodents in your home with a set of traps that will work!

You can purchase it on Amazon!

I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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