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Grandpa Gus’s Rodent Traps

on January 21, 2016

trapsI just tried out these great rodent traps from Grandpa Gus’s. you get a set of two. These are made of plastic and very durable. The doors are made of steel. It’s a really great system. The rodent goes inside the trap, the door closes and they can not come back out of it. Just simply put in some food to draw them in and place it somewhere you have see mice. We use these in our garage during the winter time when the mice come in. They work great. I like these traps because they are humane, I know they are annoying but they are still living creatures and I can’t bring myself to set those traps that kill them. Plus it doesn’t involve any poison or dangerous snapping pieces so I don’t have to worry about my children or pets. Works great!

Here is some additional information from the company:


  • NOT FOR RATS OR TREE SQUIRRELS. GOOD FOR MICE, CHIPMUNKS & GROUND SQUIRRELS, VOLES, SHREWS ………. REUSABLE 2-PACK OF DISCREET TRAPS are the perfect size to catch Ground Squirrels, Chipmunks, and multiple Mice, Voles, Shrews and other Pests – Stop the embarrassment of having mice poop in your house and broken plants in your backyard. Neatly tuck it again the wall in your basement or garage and catch multiple mice in it before you get home from work. Show off your beautiful, perfect garden and flower beds again, where tomatoes grow full and stems are not eaton – set this clear and discreet trap in a quiet place and let the ground squirrels and chipmunks catch themselves. The CLEAR DESIGN keeps the trap inconspicuous while allowing you to quickly and easily tell if you’ve caught anything, and you’ll never have to bend over or lift a finger check it! Keep your family, yard and home safe from disease carrying rodents and feel comfortable in your own home again with Grandpa Gus’ 2 Pack of Critter Catchers…
  • WHY THIS TRAP IS BETTER THAN OTHERS – Grandpa Gus has taken a classic door trap and QUADRUPLED its catching power! He’s added a second door at the opposite end so you can catch critters from both directions. This is extremely handy indoors along walls. Additionally, this trap is DOUBLE THE SIZE OF TYPICAL MOUSE CUBE TRAPS so you can catch ground squirrels and chipmunks too while not strangling them without space. The clear design makes it super simple for you to check if you’ve caught anything, and the no-tip extended edges allow you to weigh down the trap so large critters don’t tip it over or escape like other traps. Best of all, this trap is made right at home in the USA, so you can be smart and trust the quality of the automatic slanted STEEL metal doors and high impact tunnel walls built for the outdoors or indoors. This IS the better mousetrap, these are the ones that work! There are also no finicky springs or tiny parts. It’s a simple door on a hinge, and these door hinges are offset from the roof of the trap which allows the critter to breath when its caught so it doesn’t suffer before you let it free. Other traps claim to be human because they don’t kill; Grandpa Gus has taken steps to ensure this trap truly is humane… We’re also doubling the value by offering your bulk kit of TWO TRAPS for the price of one, so you get double the catching power in your home or yard. Plus, they are re usable for years of catching. This is the trap that is designed by Grandpa Gus with old fashion common sense and care. It’s simple, effective and reliable the way your very own grandfather would have made it…
  • EASY TO USE – NO SNAPS, NO PINCHED FINGERS, NO MESS, NO TOUCH – Catching a chip munk or mouse should NOT require scientific training. Grandpa Gus designed his rodent control trap to be the simplest to use on the market. Step by step instructions about how to bait your trap with peanut butter in under 10 seconds – Setting this trap simpler than making a sandwich! Do NOT pinch your fingers again in dirty snap traps where you are forced to touch dead, disease carrying rodents. RELEASING THE RODENT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK – tip the trap upside down and slide the critter out of the box to release. NO TOUCH. He’ll find his way back on his feet in no time. Remove the mess of removing dead rodents and resetting traps when pests have been squished and snapped. Catch chipmunks, ground squirrels, multi mice, shrews and voles the safe, simple and easy way…
  • HUMANE TO CRITTERS – NO KILL, LIVE CATCH, NO LETHAL POISON, CHILD SAFE – Grandpa Gus’ Critter Catcher is the perfect solution for the person who wants to control rodents without creating a deadly mess or spreading killer poison or repellents. Don’t stay up all night listening to squeals of mice in sticky glue traps. You can have a heart AND not deal with the mess of a rotting chipmunk caught in an outdoor trap under the sun all day too. Quit poisoning the ground squirrels that run around the same backyard your kids, grandkids and pets use. Great for protection of a home, at your business, in the backyard or by a restaurant or hotel. This is the no-kill trap you can feel safe leaving around children and pets. Be the victor over varmints! Stop kidding around with ultrasonic or electric trap hoaxes. Quit wasting money on organic repellent bottles, blocks and baits, pellets, deterrents, sprays, bars, tin cans, granules, cages, tubes, bait stations and even your tom cat that doesn’t work. KNOW FOR SURE you’ve caught the critter when you see him in this trap, and “dump the little varmint” so he can run free after he’s out of your space…
  • OUR 100% OLD TIME HANDSHAKE GUARANTEE – If you do not believe the Grandpa Gus’ Critter Catcher is the simplest, most easy to use AND humain rodent trap you’ve ever used, simply return it to Amazon for a full and complete refund, no questions asked. Amazon Prime means your customer service concerns are handled directly by Amazon and get their world famous 100% A-to-Z guarantee. (The only critters Grandpa Gus does not recommend his trap for are rats as he says “the little terrorists” will chew through anything.)… We absolutely love and trust Grandpa Gus simple simple and humane systems for controlling rodents. We want you to trust them too. That is why all Grandpa Gus products are MADE IN AMERICA at home, for Americans who believe in quality and genuine customer service. ORDER YOUR CRITTER CATCHER NOW and you’ll be treated as the best, by the best – just CLICK ADD TO CART NOW…

You can purchase them on Amazon!


I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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