Sweepstakes Diva

Majestic Bombay Manicure Set

on November 23, 2015


I just love this set of tweezers from Majestic Bombay. You get three tweezers and a pair of scissors in this set. You get two pointed pairs for splinters and a slanted tip for eyebrows. They all come in a great little leather carrying case which is great for storing them. These nice metal tweezers, they are really well made and are not going to break or bend. They are great for all kinds of things. Splinters, eyebrows, and even things like crafting. And it’s always nice to have a pair of scissors on hand if you need them. Since you get the nice little carrying case I keep mine close by in the car and in the bathroom for whenever we need them. The case makes it easier to keep track of them so you don’t lose any. Really nice set.
Here is some additional information from the company:
  • OUTRIGHT HIGHEST QUALITY! – Never deal with cheap quality tweezers again! Our quality tweezers will not bend or misalign during use making them great to use as ingrown hair tweezers, eyebrow tweezers. Grip any hair, from baby fine to coarse, the VERY first time
  • PERFECT FOR THOSE DELICATE AREAS!! – The extreme precision and sharpness of our splinter tweezers are perfect for Nose/facial hair and for the Bikini line and all delicate areas.Now you can get every last stray before you hit the beach.HAVE A BLAST
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE with Our high quality protective faux leather case which will keep them clean and ready to use. Ideal for traveling as you can just throw the set in with your luggage
  • Make a one-time investment in our Four Piece set of professional tweezers and you will never go back to a cheap store brand.
  • Makes A Beautiful Gift Either For Yourself Or For A Friend .
You can purchase this set on Amazon!
I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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