Sweepstakes Diva

Serengeti Coffee

on July 27, 2015

pic1I just got this really unique coffee from Serengeti Coffee.  These are coffee sticks and are so easy to use.  The sticks come with holes in the bottom of the stick that allows the coffee to escape into the water.  You get 18 sticks in a box.  To use them simple get a cup of hot water and insert the stick into the water and stir.  The coffee will leak out of the holes in to the water and brew itself.  Within minutes you have a great cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee that tastes great.  These are awesome if you are traveling.  My husband takes these with us when we go camping and that way all he has to do is heat up some water and he can have a great cup of coffee in no time, he says the are better then instant coffee, it tastes like a great fresh brewed cup of coffee.  He uses them all the time and loves them.

Here is some additional information from the company:

For two centuries, the finest coffee’s grown on the Blue Mountain range on the eastern end of the Island of Jamaica. The cool and misty conditions at elevations near 5,000 ft. are coupled with lush volcanic soil and plenty of rainfall to produce this most desired coffee. Serengeti proudly uses 100% certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in this extravagant hybrid coffee blend.

We combine the finest fresh ground coffee with our state-of-the-art freeze-dried coffee granules to create this transcendent instant brew coffee.

Our “Sunset Roast” Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee blend delivers with its alluring flavor, distinct aroma, muted acidity and graceful sweetness. An extra smooth cup, highlighted by a soft caramel finish.

You can purchase them on Amazon or check them out on their Website!

I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review.  However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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