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on June 12, 2015

Towel Holder:

pic2I just got these great towel clips from Mysonder.  These are great little clips that have an adhesive back so you can stick them to the wall in your bathroom (or other room).  When you push on them it opens up to allow a space for your towel to fit and you can clamp it back shut so it will hold the towel.  I love these because I don’t like washing towels every single day so I have the kids hang them to dry.  We wash them a couple times a week to sterilize them but during the week they will hang them to dry and then use them again later.  These clips are a great way to allow them to hang and dry instead of them hanging on the shower rod or door knob.  It also keeps them up off the floor which is another popular place for them.  They hold really well and can hold a good amount of weight.  They come in a package of three and we use ours all the time.  You can also use these for other items besides towels. I have a set in the kitchen I use for pot holders.

Here is some additional information from the company:

Why The mysonder Towel Holder?

– It is a versatile product that is an essential part of every household. Ideal for bathroom, kitchen walls where space is a constraint. These towel clips are very compact and can easily be installed above the sinks for hanging small to medium sized hand towels. Often there are areas where fixing larger sized towel holders is a challenge. You will be very pleased you got the mysonder towel holder, which hardly takes any space.
– These towel holders are super easy to use. All you need to do is peel and stick the adhesive back side on any flat surface. You can also fix them on mirrored surface. Removal is also easy and does not leave any permanent stains on that wall.
– They are inexpensive and great value-for-money as you get 3 in a pack
– The clips look sleek and even though they are highly functional, they do not clutter the walls or come in the way.
Product specifications 
– 8-pack Furniture Sliders with 4 large and 4 mini hexagonal shaped sliders with foam padding.
– Suitable for both large as well as medium sized furnitures.
– Sliders measure approximately 3.5″ x 4″ and 3″ x 3.375″
– Comes packaged in a double blister pack.
You can purchase these towel holders on Mysonder website!

I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review.  However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview



Adhesive Hooks:

pic1I love these adhesive hooks from MySonder.  I get so annoyed by clutter and with four kids it’s a constant struggle to keep the house uncluttered.  So I am so glad I found these great adhesive hooks from MySonder.  You can peel off the adhesive backing and place these anywhere to have a great hook to hang items from.  These worked great for me for small items.  They adhesive stuck well to our walls and stay up.  You have to be careful about how much weight you put on each hook.  They are great for light items.  I used mine in the kids lockers for them to hang decorations and small items.  I also use them in my crafting room for hanging items like rulers and punches.  They work great and really help to keep items organized.

Here is some additional information from the company:

  • VERSATILE WALL HOOKS : Use on bathroom, kitchen, garage or any other walls. Great for inside cupboards, cabinets and lockers to maximize storage space
  • EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE : Easy to install by simply peeling and sticking the back to any surface where a hook is needed. Can be removed without leaving permanent stains on the wall
  • ALL PURPOSE : Multi-purpose hooks for all your hanging needs. Hang your bags, clothes, coats, towels, keys or even decorative wall hangings. Ideal for Kids’ room for hanging stuff and keeping floor space clean for the little ones. Can also be used inside storage cabinets for hanging brooms etc.
  • MODERN DESIGN : Sleek design that does not look bulky and cluttered on the wall
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The product is inexpensive and value for money. No-Question-Asked full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This takes all risk out of your purchase

You can purchase these hooks on their website!

I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review.  However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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