Sweepstakes Diva

Midori Spring

on April 21, 2015

pic6I recently saw this Matcha green tea on Dr. Oz and was really impressed at all the healing and organic properties in this product.  So I was really excited to get to try this out.  I love green tea and usually drink a least one cup a day.  The difference between regular green teas and Midori Spring’s Matcha Tea is that it is organically grown and very high quality.  I love that I can enjoy the green tea that I love and know that it is 100% organic.

I also love to use this green tea for cooking.  Yes, cooking! I use it in this great recipe I found for green tea ice cream.  It tastes great and it’s a great healthier option compared to other ice creams.

Here is some additional information from the company:

Product Description:Midori Spring’s Ceremonial Gold Matcha – is a ceremonial grade (premium) green tea used for brewing the finest most flavorful drinking tea you’ll ever taste. This is NOT a cooking grade powder (although it can be used for cooking if you prefer), the quality is so high that it is primarily reserved for tea ceremonies for it’s full flavor, and health benefits.

Rich, smooth and creamy with a hint of sweetness when brewed traditionally. This premium product is Ceremonial Grade and is Organic (USDA, JAS) and Kosher (OU) Certified. We only select the best raw material from our tea gardens mostly from Aichi and Kagoshima in Japan and maintain the highest standards in production. Our Matcha has a fresh, sweet, green-vegetable-like aroma. The colour is a vibrant emerald green. Only high quality Ceremonial Grade Matcha encompass these features. You can enjoy Midori Spring’s Ceremonial Gold Matcha the traditional way by brewing or you can create your own Matcha inspired recipe. Whichever style you choose to have your Matcha, you can experience the many health benefits it has to offer since Matcha is a Superfood.

There are many immediate and long term health benefits when consuming Matcha, which include: increase in energy without the jitters, reduce stress and improve mental alertness, improve metabolism and help with weight loss, boost immune system and reduce inflammation and help the body cleanse of harmful elements. Give back to your health and embrace the power of Matcha.

You can purchase this on Amazon!

I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review.  However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers. #AmazonReview

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