Sweepstakes Diva

Fete Home

on February 18, 2015

pic2This adjustable wine aerator from Fete Home is a must have for any wine lover!  It comes with seven different levels of wine aeration which would be the the equivalent of one hour of decanting, that could be up to six hours of decanting for the same wine quality you can get in minutes with this adjustable wine aerator!

I am not someone who drinks a lot of wine but I do on occasion.  This tools allows you to make short work of a process that normally would take hours to do.  If you want great tasting wine then this is the tool for you!  Just select the setting you would like to use 1-7 and then pour the wine through the aerator which fits perfectly into the glass.  Produces amazing aerated wine every time!

It comes with a stand to use when you need it out for entertaining.  It keeps the aerator in place and secure when you are not using it.  It also comes with a velvet storage back that is design to fit the aerator perfectly.  This allows for safe storing when you don’t need it.

Here is some additional information from the company:

We are very happy to be offering a product that we feel is an essential tool for the wine lover. Our wine aerator allows you to select between 7 different settings(0-6) of wine aeration equivalent to approximately 1 hour of decanting per setting for a maximum possible 6 hours. Wine is made up of hundreds of compounds, and with aeration, usually the volatile undesirable compounds will evaporate faster than the desirable, aromatic and flavorful ones. Wine, particularly red, often benefits from aeration to allow the fruit to shine through and the flavors to mellow out. This is traditionally done through decanting in an open container, however with our busy lives an aerator can allow for this on a glass by glass basis.

Most Versatile Wine Aerator Available
– 7 Selectable Aeration Level Settings
– Matures young wines instantly
– Allows for Immediate, On Demand Decanting for Enhanced Flavor.
– Breaks down harsh young tannins for a smoother more enjoyable flavor
– Triggers evaporation of compounds, such as sulfates, that inhibit oxidation and do not add to taste
– Integrated Aeration Intake Removes the Need for External Tubes
– Built In Acrylic Strainer Filters Out Sediment
– High Quality Stainless Steel Selection Band
– Bonus Drip Stand And Travel Pouch Included
– Easy to Clean – Just Rinse And Let Air Dry

You can purchase this aerator on Amazon!

received one or more of the products mentioned above complimentary or at a reduced price for review from Tomoson.com, other review website, or from the company directly. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. #AmazonReview #fetehome

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