Sweepstakes Diva

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

on January 26, 2015

pic2I just got this spiral vegetable slicer from Kitchen Supreme and I love it! I have been working on eating healthy for a couple of years now and vegetables have become a really big part of my life.  Since I don’t eat carbs but I really love things like pasta then leads to be seek out products that I can use to help trick my mind into thinking I am getting to eat the things I like.  This little gadget has become my best friend.  I love to take veggies and cut them up with the spiral slicer, cook them up and add some really yummy vinegar sauce or other healthy sauce and make a super yummy salad or faux pasta!

This zucchini fettuccine dish is amazing! Get it here!


Here is some additional information from the company:

pic3What will you receive: Complete Spiralizer Bundle: The Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer + Flexible Cleaning Brush + Spiral Slicer Recipes Digital Cookbook + Rapid Results Digital Guidebook – 101 Power Tips for a Fitter, Healthier You + Storage Bag

Discover How to Feel HEALTHY and FIT with the Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer ! The Complete Spiralizer Bundle allows you to get maximum results immediately so that HEALTHY MEALS will never look unattractive again! REPLACE REGULAR PASTA with vegetable noodles or spaghetti and get your family and friends to CRAVE FOR HEALTHY FOOD ! SAVE TIME with the Kitchen Supreme Spiral Vegetable Slicer and prepare mouth-watering meals in minutes !

HELPS YOU TO: ENJOY YOUR MEALS, even if you are on a DIET (Raw, Vegan, Low Carb, Gluten-Free, No-Wheat, Paleo, etc.), REPLACE HIGH CARB Pasta or Noodles with healthy and colorful veggie ones, Get your picky CHILDREN and FAMILY to EAT plenty of healthy VEGETABLES in disguise, SAVE TIME from slicing, dicing and conventional julienning methods, CRAVE for VEGETABLES ! Your veggies will look mouth-watering and still keep nutrients and minerals alive.

You can purchase it on Amazon!

Visit their Website & Facebook!

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