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Alpha Griller Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Brush

on January 11, 2015

SONY DSCI just go the alpha griller stainless steel BBQ grill brush and tried it out over the weekend.  This brush does a great job of cleaning the grill.  It has a long handle which allows you to get a good grip on it when cleaning.  The handle also has a high quality rubber on it that makes gripping and cleaning easier on your hands.  I don’t know how many times I’ve hurt my hand trying to clean the grill.  The bristles are very firm and sturdy so they can really get in there and clean those stuck on spots.  I was able to get some really tough spots off really easy using this brush.  With this brush cleaning the grill was quick and easy!  I have used several different brushes in the past and I have to say this one has been my favorite so far.

It also comes with a free cookbook when you order!! It comes with recipes for chicken, beef, pork, fish, veggies and side dishes!

Here is some additional information from the company:

1. Hold the brush flat against the grill and scrub away.  This way you are able to pic3effectively clean the top and sides of the grates.  You can also clear any gunk out of the sides and corners of the grill.
2. Hold the brush vertically and scrub between the grates.  This way you are able the get deeper between the bars and clean any debris that have spread further down.
3. The best time to clean the grill is when it is still hot, as any burnt on food will be easier to remove.
4. It also helps if the brush is wet.  Fill a container with water and put it by the grill so you can dip the brush in and keep the bristles wet.  This way, each time the wet bristles contact the hot grate steam will be produced which will make cleaning off the mess so much easier.
5. Ensuring the brush is wet also helps prevent grease sticking to the bristles, making cleaning the brush faster
6. For really stubborn patches of burnt on food, the long plastic handle ensures that you can use a two-handed grip and really put some force behind your scrubbing.

CLEANING: Simply rinse the brush in hot water.  Do this immediately after use to make cleaning ever quicker.

STORAGE: Since our brushes are made from the highest quality stainless steel they are very resistant to rusting, so you don’t have to worry too much about where to store it.  That said, to give your brush the longest life possible, it is best to keep it somewhere relatively dry.

SAFETY: The bristles are sharp!  Don’t grab the brush by the bristles.  Keep the brush out the reach of children.

Product Features:

– 18 inches long
– Stainless steel bristles
– Heavy duty
– Safe for all grill types
– Bonus ebook included
The Secret to Cleaning Your Grill Quickly, Easily and Cheaply!

Looking for a New Grill Brush But Want to Avoid These Common Problems?

– Flimsy shaft bends under pressure..
– Bristles quickly flatten down and gum up with grease..
– Leaves scratch mark on your delicate porcelain coated grates..
– Burn hands when cleaning because the handle’s too short..
– Can’t clean between the rods and along the sides..

All these issues can be avoided!

Introducing the Alpha Grillers BBQ Grill Brush

The Best Grill Brush on The Market:

– Strong plastic reinforced twisted wire shaft that will not bend under pressure
– Stiff stainless steel bristles than won’t flatten – much stiffer than brass
– Safe for use with porcelain coated grills grates. Won’t scratch your Weber grill
– Long handle (18″): perfect length to keep your hand away from the heat without losing pressure and control
– Innovative spiral bristle design allows you to easily clean edges, corners and deep between the grates

So what’s so good about the spiral design?

The bristles in most brushes point in the same direction. This means they can only be held horizontally.
With the Alpha Grillers brush, bristles point in all directions so you can hold it at any angle and easily clean
all parts of the grate.


Before you can clean your grill you need to get it dirty right? Well to help you manage that we are
including a FREE E-BOOK full of delicious and easy to prepare BBQ recipes!
To make it even more of a no brainer, buy today and you will receive our 1 YEAR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

You can purchase this brush on Amazon! Right now it is 54% off!

Visit them on Facebook!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Crowdtap.com, Tomoson.com, other review website, or the manufacturer directly. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

2 responses to “Alpha Griller Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Brush

  1. Sandy Cain says:

    I love the long handle on this! I can’t understabnd why so many grill brushes have short handle! I also love that it won’t scratch the Weber porcelain – I have to try this for myself!


  2. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds great. It is always so hard for me to clean the grill. This may just be the answer for me. Thank you so much for sharing


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